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I have these two pieces and two more i'm going to cut, need them plained down to size. Is there a place i can take them? Or do I have to rent/buy a plainer?

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Do you have a local sawmill,they usually have a planner

I see no address as to where you are at.  If you were near Wimbeley, TX. I'd say come on over.  I own a classic 1979 Craftsman belt driven plainer/joiner that is a classic wood eating machine, and could do the job in seconds.



I use a Wagner Safe t Planer in my drill press it is slow but not expensive and works fine for small projects you can find them on line google Wagner safe t planer there are several sites that sell them . you do need a drill press with a 1/2 in chuck :)

That's some really gorgeous spalted maple(?). Don't know how stable it is, but a thickness sander might be a better bet, especially if it has gotten very soft.

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