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Just received in the mail from Gitty a Chrome Pre-wired pickup Selector with Volume, tone and three way switch.  It's going to be in my latest build. Using  piezo and Mini Humbucker pickups. Thought maybe there would be wiring instructions. Anybody wired up one of these?

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You can click on the attachments to see the switch I'm talking about.

Check out on the Internet:  "Telecaster wiring harness" or "Fender 3 way switch".  That's the layout you're likely looking at there.  There are all sorts of diagrams on the Net showing how to wire them up. 

I can't figure out why there are only 3 wires.  Gitty is a member here, you can send him a message thru his page here.

From what I can see in the photo, red and white is output to the jack, with red being ground (see note below).  Both yellow wires are common ground.   White feeding from first pot to second is the tone / cap lead.  So what one would do is bring the pickup ground to common ground, and pickup input to the 3-way switch input.  But not sure which of the leads on the 3-way would be soldered to.  I saw several diagrams on Google (search TELECASTER 3 WAY SWITCH).  The only problem being there are different 3-way switch setups.  My thought would be use a multimeter to see what switch position connects to what pole and then solder the pickup power lead to the desired position. (See following post for follow up info)

Note:  there are two red wires.  Logic indicates one goes to jack ground, the other is bridge/string ground.  Ground is ground.  : )

Follow-up:  looking closely at the photo, there are two tabs at each end of the 3-way switch.  My guess would be the power leads from dual pickups go to these tabs... one pickup to one tab and the other to the other tab.  Ground from both pickups would of course go to common ground.  Usually the tab opposite the position of the switch is active, meaning if the switch is flipped to the left, it is triggering the right-side tab, and vice versa.

Ted and Wayfinder. I really appreciate your input. I have it figured out now ( with your help ), Only problem now is finding a place on the box to install this. It's a lot bigger than it looks on line. I may have to hold off and use on a different box. Thanks again for your help.

You're most welcome Chuck.  Some folk install these on the top side of the box, leaving the face of the instrument for strings and bridge.  Fairly simple to install:  cut a rectangle smaller than the outside edges and between the screws (making sure wood is there to screw in to).   Just drill a couple of tiny screw holes, screw it on, solder, good to go. : )

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