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Got an guitar electronics question for ya'll; In putting the harness together for my latest build. I have 2 magpups going thru vol and tone pots into a 3-way and that 3-way output then goes into a second 3-way. A pre-amped piezo feeds into the other side of the 2nd 3-way, and then that 3-way output goes to the jack. The problem is, I get a pop when switching the 2nd 3-way from magpup to piezo and back again.... I think a correctly placed cap or resistor would solve the popping, but am curious as to where I should put it, resistor or cap and what size would suffice??


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Rob, the pop might be the piezo picking up the sound of the switch. I've had that happen and just live with it (or turn piezo volume to zero before switching).

Not sure if this is what you have in mind, but:

Does the popping sound like when unplugging your amp cord? It may be a switch quality issue.

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