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Hey Ya'll,

Merry Christmas and a better New Year! I just scanned the member list and see a lot of old friends. I'm glad to be with you and congrats to Ted for reaching 100 members so soon. I'll be setting up my page over the break, but until then....

the best,

Wichita Sam

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Hard to believe we were only 1 month old on the 20th. It seems like we've been together for ages. We have a great community, the best of the best! One Hundred Choice USDA # 1 builders and players and teachers...

MERRY CHRISTMAS! to all my friends. Thanks for all the help making this a great home as well as a great destination. Let's all work together to make the clubhouse an even cooler place to call home in the new Year.

God Bless

Well, I wasn't invited, but i showed up anyways. Thats how i do.

Randy S. Bretz said:
Far out Ted, 100 members and all by invite.
Glad you are here Sam. And Merry Christmas to you and all yours. Now, about the number of members, small is good.... That other forum went on the 'let's get members kick' and now they have more pictures of kids, pets, toys and art than they do guitars!!!
I'm glad I found you. I've missed your insight and help.
WOW 500 members!
Uncle Ted.... proud of you! what a great home for guys like us... the best, Wichita Sam

Ted Crocker said:
WOW 500 members!
If you build it, they will come... and leave a bunch of fast food wrappers and beer cans all over the place.

500 hundred members - that is impressive! But this is a nice place to be...

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