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AWESOME!  Great job David.  Diane - where were you??

Clubhouse member David Sutton wrote the book 'Cigar Box Guitars, which is available here.

If you view it now, they uploaded the actual show.  There is some old broad on there, but that sure doesn't look like me.  Or does it?  :-(

Awesome Diane!

Awesome !!!!!!!!!!

Totally Kool! I have the book, it was part of my research into building my first CBG, and was an indispensible guide and source of inspiration and encouragement. For those, who, like Ted Crocker, were there from the start, I have this to say ... the "Revolution" is about to go up another level because of the attention David's book is helping to bring. While it is true that many more people will be building their own boxes, and some will be outfitting them with Ted's really cool pickups, there will also be very many more folks who will want a CBG but will lack the ability to create them, so the builders among us out there will be doing more, not less work is my guess! You can't get these from a factory or a music store yet, it comes down to a creator ...so get busy!

great vid... congrats  David and Diane... perfect spokespersons for the movement....

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