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From Wikipedia:

Beck was born in 1944 to Arnold and Ethel Beck in WallingtonEngland. As a ten year old, Beck sang in a church choir. As a teenager he learned to play a borrowed guitar and then made several attempts to build his own instrument. 

His first attempt was by gluing and bolting together a selection of cigar boxes for the body and an unsanded fence-upright for a neck (forgetting the washers so that the bolt head sank into the wood). 

The strings were aircraft control line wires, both single and double stranded were used depending on the effect he wanted to achieve. The frets, however, were a different matter. In an unknowing portent for the future use of fretless guitar, the frets were simply painted on. 

Another attempt at a home-build was when he studiously cut a body from a very thick piece of wood. When fabricating the neck he attempted to use memorised measurements. Unfortunately the measurements he had remembered were those of a bass guitar. In his book Mo Foster quotes Beck[6] as saying

"The scale was so bad that it was only playable with a capo at the fifth fret...I was interested in the electric guitar even before I knew the difference between electric and acoustic. The electric guitar seemed to be a totally fascinating plank of wood with knobs and switches on it. I just had to have one"

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Interesting Teddyy. I got tickets for Beck april 25th in Dallas. Can't wait.
The current issue of Rolling Stone has a great article on Beck & Clapton. Their photo is on the cover. It's a really great article with some cool photos too. I believe there may have been a mention about the cigar box guitar in that article too. I'll have to go back a read it again.
Thanks....good info....this is mentioned in the interview with Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton,in a recent
"Rolling Stone".It is a very good article well worth checking out.
It was cool seeing this jeff used to hang out at a pub called the whoud of thought it in grafty green in kent good pub lots of lock ins' friends with a good friend of mine bill parsons from ulcombe they was in to hot rods and stuff seeing the name just brings the memories famous for blinding guitarickery but a solid geezer straight up and down to earth

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