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I don't play the harp. I have had a couple over the years and never really got to playing, I did not understand the dang thing and did not really try, I stopped and they got lost. 


Then just the other day I ran across a guy by the name of Adam on you tube. He is the Adam from Satan and Adam, a two guy street band in Harlem (from days gone by). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81jrr3Dxpr4


Adam is an interesting guy to say the least ( a lot of his vids are shot in his car) and he can play the harp in an extraordinary way.  Plus----- he has over 300 "how to play' vids up on his youtube channel. And that is what hooked me.


Not only does he teach how to play, as in making a song, he also teaches how to play as in blow notes and draw notes, embouchure, how to keep time, how to develop your breathing, the subtleties , etc. the list goes on and on.


So I am convinced he has what it takes to teach a rank beginner like me how to play and I think it is a natural fit to go along with my CBG playing. 


Here is a like to his first lesson:



As far as harps to get Ted suggested these to start:

Horner Piedmont Blues 7- Harmonica pack with case


$24.95 from musiciansfriend.com 



or use the same search string on ebay. 

I have a couple local places I like to support and will check with them first.



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