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I haven`t played mine for awhile but this group might be just the thing to get me to start playin again. Of coarse I have the standard Hohner " special 20" C,D and G.  But I also have a Hohner " echo harp, this has double reeds with both the key of G and C on the same harp. It was my moms she passed it on to me. Real cool sound !

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Good topic Randy. I do not have any yet, but the day is not over yet... Glad you are thinking of getting them out and playing.  Hope to watch a vid of you playing a CBG and a harp here soon.
That is a big difference, sounds great. Thanks for adding it
I've got Hohner Marine Band & Blues Harps packed away somewhere. Guess I'll have to go dig them out.
i had a chromatic took 7 years to break in it got stolen, i tried another one and blew it out. i started with marine band but the wood swells out. now i play special 20 or pro harp. the new harps suck i have to file the sharp brass edge away (they dont make em like they used to) i stick to playing in D E F G (G A Bb C harps) i cant sing in A. ive played 33 years and jammed with jonny depp, beverly barkley, pete menger, earnie goldsmith, jaimie colton, ginger baker, joey gilmore, the rock city angels and the romantics.
Lee Oscars, don't be shy when it comes to harps. They last long and have as close of the tone your gonna get to a hohner marine band.
Ted suggested I just picked up the Horner Piedmont Blues 7 piece set, I got them from Guitar Center $25.00 out the door. Going to start playing them right now...
there all good, here's my first one, still have it!  1976  
i had a lee oscar i didnt like it i couldnt chord with it only single notes. i dont like blues harp either its already broken in and i blow them out too fast. i had a hot metal too it sounded cheesey like a dollar store harp. you really do get what you pay for ive found. oh i had a golden melody i hated it too. the only ones i liked besides the special 20s and the old style pro harp was the big marine bands 364? in G and C. the C is really low and has almost cello even saxophone sounds.

I play Hohners, I have 3 golden melody's, 2 cross harps, 2 meisterklasse, 1 blues bender, the chromonica, a super 64, and a cheapy Huang. I don't have a blues bone in my body, but I love the blues and I keep trying to get out of my box. I am a play at home guy, I do have a few guitar playing friends that I see once or twice a year to play with, and they love me. I play by ear and just blend in with what ever they play. I got my eye's set on the special 20's, but just cant pull the trigger knowing that I already have the keys I need already. And that I would be the only one appreciating them. I have been trying to play harp with my guitar, and that is not ready for the public yet. Don't hold your breath. I need to find someone local that wants a harp player to jam with. I can play most any old time church hymn song, camp fire songs, stuff like that, but I just don't have the blues mojo in me to bend and wale or scream. I get by though.

Don't waste your money on Piedmont Blues harps, the case is worth 10 bucks but the harps suck. Try buying 2 or 3 Bushman Delta Frosts. Keys A,C and C will cover 70 percent of the music played at Jams and open mics.

Mark Ayers said:

Ted suggested I just picked up the Horner Piedmont Blues 7 piece set, I got them from Guitar Center $25.00 out the door. Going to start playing them right now...
I have tried a bunch of different harps (I own about 30). About all I buy anymore are tthe the Seydel steel session blues models. They are very durable, sound nice to me, and are affordable to maintain.


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