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Bairfoot Cajun - Vintage ammo box resonator (more info)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5-A

Part 5-B

Part 6-A

Part 6-B

Part 7-A

Part 7-B

Part 7-C

Part 8


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Might look good...if the picture was in FOCUS. ;)

howdy arnold-- there are no pictures yet of this build,that pic in this link comes from an actual video done with a cheap camera and even some of the pics i take with same camera dont come out all that good,but some others come out ok.so the focus issue that your eyes see in this pic is because it is from a moving video that is difficult to get clear because its moving haaaa. as i progress with the build i will take a few pics and put them on my page so folks can see them as pics.if you want to see the videos they should be found in the builders progress blogs group.the idea of this build is to show that it will still look all beat up and old and not very functional but i will do what i can to make it play and sound as good as it can possibly play and sound.thanks arnold  hope you see better results as we progress with this project.

Thanks!  I hope you didn't take it as a complaint.  Just merely an observation. ;)


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