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CBG's for Service/Military Personnel


CBG's for Service/Military Personnel

If you would like to make a CBG or any other instrument to show your support for our service personal this is the place to post it up. If you are in the military and would like a CBG this is the place to ask.

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Comment by Pass the Ammo on June 8, 2011 at 11:42am

Bump this up top



I'm in the military and I have done a number of deployments over the last 10 years or so.  My last tour was Iraq for a year, and I got back about a year or so ago.  I took a cbg with me and made a couple while I was there, and I can tell you that soldiers dig them.

I have a friend in Kuwait right now, and two friends that are saddling up for an Afghanistan rotation right now.  I'll see what I can do about getting some names for folks who would appreciate a cbg or other instrument.  In the mean time, here are some thoughts from a guy who has been there and done that:

Kits: getting a guitar is cool, but getting a kit would be cool too.  Especially if we could come up with a way to include odds and ends that could be used to customize it.  I'm thinking of stuff like grommets, hinges, fretwire (or cooler substitutes to fret it with)...whatever.  If the stick was already fit to the box, and the frets marked already, that would sure be helpful.  Maybe small bottles with stain or finish, along with some steel wool and sandpaper.  A kit like this would help a guy like me who is uncomfortable "competing" with some of you more established and talented builders.  I would hate for someone to want to help out but not participate because he/she didn't want to send something of lesser quality than what someone else is capable of producing.

USO: the USO has facilities all over the place that have instruments available to borrow.  I never saw a CBG in any of them.  Maybe we could move some to them.

Personal contacts: To my knowledge, you can no longer just send a box or letter to "Any Soldier" like we could during Desert Storm.  There are some organizations that you can go through to accomplish the same thing, and that should be pursued, but there is nothing like getting a box addressed right to you from the States.  Maybe we could use the Chaplains to connect with guys over there?  I have a friend in a good position to make that connection, and I'll see what I can do.  In the mean time, let's take advantage of any personal contacts we have and really emphasize to them that we mean it when we say we want to build stuff for guys over there.  I can tell you that we hear a lot of that and after a while, you hear it so much that you don't hear it any more. Know what I mean?

Other stuff to include in the box: Definitely strings.  Fingerpicks.  Letters.  Email addresses-you might be surprised at how accessible the Internet is for us over there.  You are probably a lot more liable to get a reply to an email than you are from a letter, but they'll have to have some way to get your email address, so put it in a handwritten letter in the box.  Also, be sure to stress this website and group. 

REAL POPULAR: Girl Scout Cookies (don't ask me why.)

Oh, and one last thing: A little instruction sheet with simple chords and/or tabs, especially on instruments with less than 6 strings.  Let them know how you tuned it, and maybe include a cheap tuner if you can afford it.  I met guys who could play a six string, and were lost when they saw three strings and an open tuning.

Hey, in the mean time, know that stuff like this really means a lot to guys over there.  A lot of people don't understand that the monotony can be as frustrating as the other stuff they deal with.  Thanks for thinking of them.

Comment by Mark Ayers on June 8, 2011 at 11:01am
It's the S3. I was working in the A model
Comment by Mark Ayers on June 8, 2011 at 10:01am
My Bud was P3 nave I was in the VAST shop system test for ASW planes, what the heck was the name of it. Still flys on and off the carriers and is used like a workhorse now. I wished I had gone P3 could have flown the world.
Comment by mike(butterball) miller on June 8, 2011 at 9:58am

ok i agree . i was at cecil in the mid 80's but mostly nas jax . the p-3 navy

Comment by Mark Ayers on June 8, 2011 at 9:44am



My thoughts are, build what you  are comfortable with. I am not ready to try a 6 string= truss rod and all- and would take too long for me to ramp up to that skill level. However I think a 3 string is easier and somehting I am comfortable building and sending out. I have never had any desire to learn a 6 string because there is too much for my simple brain to grasp. To me the 3 string was more along my liking, that's why I started building them.


Great that you have connection to service personal that may want a CB?  I served at NAS Cecil Field in the late 70's 

Comment by mike(butterball) miller on June 8, 2011 at 9:29am


i think this is a great idea . i still have some contact with the navy base here in jax. i worked there after i retired until i hurt my back. if you need help finding someone who is deployed let me know i might have someone to suggest. i was talking about  mabe agreeing on a basic type more than anything else i know for a fact most of you can build guitars that are 10 times bette than my attempts and i was fishing for a suggestion on what to build should we think along the lines of a 6 string since it will be much easier for someone deployed to find info on playing a regulation 6 string than a 3 string . or should we make 3 strings and include basic lesson info i don't want to make this overly complicated just looking to do the best job possiable for what i think is a great idea.


Comment by Mark Ayers on June 8, 2011 at 12:11am

I do not know just yet how to locate someone who is looking, YET!!!! but I will find out. I have a friend in the reserves and his wife is full time reserve, they are a place for me to start.


Mike Miller found a way to send a couple out through his DR's office it looks like. 


Word will spread here quickly I think and the requests will come in.


You can contact your local radio, newspaper, TV station. I am sure any one of not all of them would like to do a story and that will help get the word out

Comment by Diamondback Guitar Shop on June 8, 2011 at 12:06am
How do we get a person to send to? I have a few on hand ready to go
Comment by Mark Ayers on June 7, 2011 at 11:50pm

hi gang


I am working long hours and not really able to respond during the day although I do read what's been said here on my phone.


Here are my thoughts, and that is what they are just my thoughts.


Builder discretion on the build. I make 3 string CBG"s for now so that is what I will build.


Build within your means: for me as little business I have had this year I am learning doing more with less. So i will build with that in mind. I have blown a few bucks here and there but with this I feel the more CBG's I can make and send out the more service people will have some peace of mind time when there would not be any. I'd rather be able to build 5 than 3 right now.


Build within your own skill level. I am no match to most builders here but i can put my heart and soul into every one I build and over time my skill level will allow me to build more complex CBG's


You may want to build a Uke and have it ready for when a request comes in from some one or a diddly bow or a mando or a reso or and .... You get the idea.


I am going to build frettless acoustic slide with piezo pickup and a jack.


Like Ted said, add all the extras you can. Picks, extra set of strings, slide, a handbook on the proper care and feeding of the instrument you build. And I like the idea of what ever else you may want to add to the package. You may want to add links to any and all training vids that are free online. Ask permission of the owner of the vid and copy it to a CD?DVD and send that along. 


I really like the idea of a thank you letter but I hate to write letters so I may type it and print it. I know a hand written would be better...


Mike I apprciate your suggestion of a common build however. I think time money and skill all play a part on how that may work out for most.


if you have a basic desing that most anyone can build and can afford then by all means post it up.


That brings me to one more thning, please post your build here and info abotu the service person who ge=got it from you. I think the human connection is what makes this work.


Diane I did not know you started a group like this, hope I did not step on your toes here.


if you know someone who is looking and you cannot fulfill on what they want send them here and let them make their request and someone will  build what is wanted. 


Again, build what you are comfortable with, build within your means, add good stuff to the box, post what you built and who for here.


I am going to get started on a couple this week, basic builds yet I will put quality workmanship into them. I'll shape the neck because I like to do it and am comfortable with it. I will not build a fretted CBG just yet but will down the road.


As far as size of shipping box goe as long as the total demissions are under 86" or was it 86" it will go by the fast mail. if it is larger it will go parcel post and will be the slow boat to china trip for it.


So if the box is 36" long that the total of all the 4 side is less than 48" then  you are fine

 as an example 36" long X 15" wide X 9" deep you will be okay for fast shipping. that is a huge box and prolly could get 2 in there.


I am sure there is more but for now, Gentlemen and ladies.. Start your band saws, routers, planers, disk sanders, elbow grease, and get to building. 


I just ordered 10 sets of strings, total cost 23.00 including shipping

You can get a copper slide at home depot for .97

You can make a pick from a quarter, a piece of hard wood, or spend .25 and buy one or two extra.

Ben- CB Gittry has piezeo's 12 for 6.00 I think.

What I am saying is you can build a nice CBG for not a lot of money and get it quickly into someones hands.


More later


Comment by Ted Crocker on June 7, 2011 at 11:05pm

Great that there's interest here! Diane started a discussion a while back called Building for Soldiers Overseas and it got zero interest (sorry Diane).  There are a few other CBG for Soldiers efforts on the web, we can certainly make an impact in the name of the Clubhouse.  

Because we're not a strictly CBG community, all instruments are welcome.  A barracks with a CBG or 2 and a drum, flute, mando, banjo, shaker or any weird noisemaker will be a rockin' band.  Amps too!

Mark started this group, lets get on him to get the info we need to get instruments into the hands of soldiers.  Even if he just poses good questions like 'where do we send', 'who needs what' and 'how can we spread the word overseas to maybe get a request'?  

If I'm not mistaken, Matt Borzcon is a CBG guy from way back and is statiomned in Afganistan.  He's handled some distribution for CBGs from another site.  Maybe Diane can get contact info, and maybe someone can find another unit.  

Folks, let's get a plan together!

Matt Borzcon produced a 45 minute CBG movie called 'the Last Musician on Earth'.  Click that and watch the first of 5 vids, and bookmark it for when you have time.  And popcorn...

Blind Ron Doughboy (Clubhouse member) started an instrument drive for soldiers back in Oct 2007 called Operation Iraq & Roll, but the link is now dead and Ron dropped off the radar.


From what I understand when you send to a serviceman at an APO Box number, the post office treats it the same as if you send it across town.  A typical CBG should ship from $8 to $15.  I'm sure if you have an instrument and no money for shipping, a member here without an instrument will cover it for you.


Mark, jump start this group.  Fill in that text box above and start a discussion or 2.  Let's get some Handmade Music Clubhouse bands going over there...


Win the war with handmade music!


Something to think about if you do send - maybe fill the box with other stuff someone over there would miss from home.  Besides, strings, slides, picks, a tuner, etc, those men & women would probably appreciate some magazines you have, candy, nylons (oops, wrong war), a yo-yo, a thumb drive with vids from here and especially a handwritten thank you letter.




(The Clubhouse has members worldwide.  Without getting into politics, what do non US members think about this?)




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