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Hello Everyone, I'm a new member, I'm from Indonesia. I have an idea to
build a Humbucker guitar pickup that looked different and sounded
different, Well I always play Funk music but I use guitar effect to add
the thickness of my guitar's sound, I always love to play thick/fat (
harmonic strung  ) at the 2 up strings ( no 5th & 6th ), but I also
want to play /sounded thin at the 4 down strings ( 1st-4th ), I use to
use Humbucker pickup, but Humbucker pickup doesn't sounded so thin at
the 4 down string, at the other hand when I split that humbucker pickup,
it doesn't sounded Fat/thick at the up position strings ( 5th & 6th
)  either, so I came up with an idea with a two coils pickup but the
second coil is only to Hum canceling the 5th & 6th string ( which is looked
shorter at the second coil than the first coil ) , the second coil is
only consist 2 poles for 2 up position strings, my idea is to make
Hum canceling sound only for 5th & 6th string, so that I could gain a
thick/fat sound for those strings, while at the other hand I left the
last 4 down strings at the first coil stay unhumbuck, to gain an effect
of thin sounded.
          My question is, is that possible ? since I don't know anything about Electrical things, Is there anyone who could
help me ?
PS : I really want to add/upload my imaginary drawing, but I don't know how...Triangle Humbucker Pickup.psd

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