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I get confused real easy when it comes to fact and figures . I am making two stick type dulcimers.I am nearing the time when I need to fret the things. So I get on the computer ,go to this site and start studying. After a lot of reading I am still tore up. I have went to Stewmac and Wfret and some more like it and the numbers don't not seem to hold up. I have a 28 inch scale lap dulcimer that I tried the numbers to and they are not even close. I know that the fault is on my end but I don't know how to fix it.

Would some one send me the correct numbers for a 25.5   Three string stick dulcimer. I want to finish these things by the Holiday.Thank You


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Attached is a PDF file of 25.5 to print out.  I made it at http://www.ekips.org/tools/guitar/fretfind2d/

It prints on 2 pages.  I cut the width, tape it together and use spray adhesive to position on the fretboard.

Other fret calculators here http://handmademusicclubhouse.com/group/tedsmadscientistlab/forum/t...

Lots of fretting tips here http://handmademusicclubhouse.com/group/tedsmadscientistlab/forum/t...

Check out Ted's Mad Scientist Lab for tons of great info.

Good luck!



Thank you for the help.I read all the info I could find and tried the calculators and the results where not like this pdf at all. I feel sure that you are right. There is so much knowladge here I'm just wowed.



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