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I have yet to make one, even though I do play six-string quite heavily(see my gear in the 'post your gear' thread).

Get posting those builds! :)

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Here's my latest conversion from an old Kay classical to a reso.


That's interesting idea, I really dig those old Kay's. What cone style is that?

Thanks Daniel, there's a spider and cone in there. I like the classical guitars. Most are quite inexpensive on ebay yet they are made of good wood. My Kay is very sturdy with a thick wide neck, just right for slide work. The flat fretboard is a plus too. Classicals don't mark the frets, so it's nice to have a clean board to add dots to. The bridge on classicals is low or centered in the lower bout, so the cone has room. Many acoustics have a bridge close to the sound hole, but not the classicals.

Was the Kay an archtop originally? I see quite a few of those knocking about.

@Andrew Hanrahan: That is beautiful! It counts for sure! 

Ya the Kay archtops from this era are great players. They are sturdy as well. This wasn't an archtop. I thought about an archtop conversion to reso, but i don't see where you could do it without starting from scratch with the top. The f holes fall right where the edge of the cover plate would need to be. I like the classical guitars for conversion.

Nice, I figured the f-holes would be a problem with a reso cone. 

Alaskan Birch Doubleneck six-string guitar and four-string fretless bass.

Great looking guitar. Phew-wee. Very nice indeed. 

The reso features an all steel body, built from flat sheet, a neck salvaged from an old generic electric.  A wooden resonator well, with a 9-1/2" resophonic style cone sitting in it.

Built in pre-amp with 4 sliders and volume, hooked up to a double piezo biscuit.

This is a video of my buddy Paul who knows how to actually play it:  http://youtu.be/q2gvKOHL0oc


The other one, it was built for the last build off, it's true calling remains to be seen, but its' 1/4" steel Neck, body insert and head, a birch cabinet with a single humbucker 



Slabtar #1, 2011 build. Alaskan birch body and neck, pau ferro fingerboard, Hipshot baby grand bridge, Gotoh cosmo black 18:1 mini 510 tuners, Stew-Mac Golden Age humbuckers (yeah I know, not my usual home-wound ones, but sometimes it's just more convenient!) 25.5 inch scale length.  I made some progressive hard-rock '70's ish type instrumental recordings of it with one of my homebrew amps here:Slabtar Recordings

Beautiful looking, reminds me of a guild thunderbird for some reason.

Sweet stuff Rob, reminds me of some of the Yamahas or Ovations I've seen.


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