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Hi All,

I made this from an old Stella neck from a folk guitar with a scale of around 24 inches so it fits pretty tight on the Bolla 3 bottle gift pack.

The shame is that I hardly drink at all anymore but I did have fun making the guitar.

Punch line: I don't drink any less either (water, that is).

Fingerboard end that goes on the body had to be shimmed a bit for correct angle and it plays

really nicely.

I used an Artec "Slimbucker" near the end of the fingerboard and it is beefed up for a little more edge on the tone; wire goes out the back into the body and the volume and tone controls are reversed with tone on top and volume on the bottom.

Tuners are cheapo 3 on a plate with pearl buttons but they work pretty well, got them from Allparts. Nice chrome plating, gears are tight if you use a screwdriver on the screws on back and they fit the Stella neck easily.

Bridge is similar to Strat without the whammy bar and is very adjustable and can be intonated well; I set it up off the deck so you get more sustain (try it, it really works) and I put a piece of oak across the bottom for height as well.

Mini toggle is 3 way on-on-on dpdt type and I put this there so I can put a surface mount P90

(I make these for archtops) down by the bridge for more bang (not there yet).

The neck is joined to the body with a 3-1/2 inch flat head brass screw and a threaded insert on the inside of the box (braced up with 2 x 3s and 1 x 3 down the middle on the vertical).

The action got really high and then I realized that I forgot to tighten the screw properly.

Now it plays well, not great above the 12th fret but you can't have everything.

Where would you put it, anyway?

It is small enough for a travel guitar, fun to play and didn't cost much either.

Room inside for a few odds and ends, a slide bar, cable, picks, etc..

See guards I make here: www.pinterest.com/indigomoonjazz/pins

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Beautiful stuff dude. Take a look everyone:

Sweet looking build Steven


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