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What's top on your vintage guitar want list at the moment?

For me, it has to be the rare, Italian made, Galanti 3-pick up Grand Prix.

Let's hear yours!

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I'm longing for a vintage metal resonator like a Regal Dobro or National biscuit cone. I'm looking at a Gretch Honey Dipper as an affordable alternative. The old Dobros go for over $1000.

Yeah Dave, they are some cool guitars those old Dobro's for sure. I really like the National Duolian, the one made in 38. They were one of the reso-models played by son house. As you probably know, Dobro and National reso's came out of the same Chicago factories anyway.

Ya Daniel, I guess Dobro and National are both started by the same fellow. Dopera if i have the spelling right. It sure is nice to see the wide selection of nice reso guitars currently available. For $300 to $500 there are some beautiful guitars. I've just ordered a Gretch Honey Dipper to quench my slide guitar thirst. I've been playing lap guitar and want to try bottle neck on this cute Gretch. ...

G'day Guy's, My favourite vintage for the last 40 odd yr's has been my Sunburst Emperador Bass made approx around 68-69, she's a MIJ and today I scored a Vintage Electa [ no R in it ] MIJ hollowbody Guitar, made in the Ibanez factory, circa 71-73, took the sticker's off her, gave it a polish and new set of string's and she's brilliant, great tone's, yep, you can't beat a good Vintage.


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