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Finished up the build, need to do some final tweaking.  Noticed after I took the pic's that my bridge was out of line.  So please excuse.....  Bridge has two piezo pickups under it, layered in felt. I didn't do the air brushing, just the final finish.  The Tiki on the back covers the wires and provided a place to mount the jack, and actually makes it more comfortable to hold.  Working on the amp now.  Had a ball doing it and it sounds pretty good.  So here it is, tell me what you think. 

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That is SO cool! Now I want to hear it!

Yes... do you have a sound bite...

Looks like my 'Bucket Oar Bass"... here's a short video...great thinking makes great instruments... those rowing oars are great...
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Great sound!

The popcorn bucket makes a difference...sounds better than this video...

Ragtimelil said:

Great sound!

Hey getting a buzz from the bridge.  Suggestions, right now just string pressure holding in place.  What do you all use?


I love it!

I don't know how many times I have told somebody that their instrument was a boat oar. Now however I don't think I would use that term in a derogatory sense for a guitar any more. I think I want to build a boat oar bass. Just happen to have a few boat oars laying around to boot. Great job, hope you get the kinks out.

Thanks,this hobby is the most relaxing thing I've done in a while.  And a lot easier and cleaner then turning wrenches..LOL  Anyone had luck using hot glue around the outer edge of the bridge, or do I need felt only on one side of the piezo's not both?

I love it! I'm all about the tiki thing!

Thanks, thinking of changing from round wound strings to either weed eater line or flat wound strings as the round squeak

to much,,,, lol


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