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I'm thinking about building a CBBG (Cigar Box Bass Guitar) and was wondering about how wide the neck would need to be?  Could I get away with gluing two red oak 1x2's together, side-by-side?  Not much of a woodworker, so if it involves TOO much labor, I probably won't do it. :)

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how many strings? I laminated 3 - 1x2's on end my last build, maple/mahogany/maple.  Just glue and clamp.
I was planning on just doing a standard 4 stringer.  Nothing too fancy for the first try.
your choice, but a pair of 1x2 glued on the short side would be to thin for me. maybe a pair of 2x2's an then rip it down to size.
Well I don't have the power equipment necessary to be ripping wood.  Are you saying it would be too thin as in it would bow from the string tension, or too thin as in playability?  I would assume that gluing to 1x2's on the 1 inch side would give you a 1x4.

both playability and tension, but you can mange tension with shorter scale and string choice.


For reference a p-bass neck is about 2 1/4 at it's widest ( I happen to have one here)


a 1x2 isn't really 1x2, it's really about 1-1/2"x3/4", so 2 joined on the short side gives you aout 3" (3/4" too wide) x 3/4 thick which is too thin IMHO. You could thicken it up by adding a fretboard, but then you would have to source some 1/4 think board.


maybe start with a two or three string bass on a 1x2 neck.

Could be.  Thanks for the advice. :)

a 4 string (steel string) bass is probably beyond a beginner.  I think it would require a truss rod to avoid the neck being so thick as to be unplayable.  Think about starting with a 2 string (steel) or an alternative string material....


Just a thought....


Wichita Sam

Unless I used a pre-made bass neck. ;)


I remember seeing something about RUBBER strings? Anyone heard of those?

I've done CBBasses using both weedwacker strings and polyurethane strings..... Neither have the string tension to produce good volume, so they depend on piezo pups.  for more info, search "weedwacker" or "polyurethane"
i did one using rubber ashbory strings, like sam said, no volume without electronics.
Oh, well no matter what I do it's gonna have electronics in it. :)
Basses such as the "jazz" bass have a nut width of 1 1/2 inches.  The well know Fender jazz bass is an electric bass. My bass has a nut width of 2 inches.


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