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I'm thinking about building a CBBG (Cigar Box Bass Guitar) and was wondering about how wide the neck would need to be?  Could I get away with gluing two red oak 1x2's together, side-by-side?  Not much of a woodworker, so if it involves TOO much labor, I probably won't do it. :)

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I know I'm a little dated here, but this works great with dual piezo elements under the bridge. It's fretless and just a blast to jam and glide on:

Weed Whacker 3-String
Give it a try!

Looks great, Dennis!



Sorry I missed your question earlier.  The answer to neck width is "it depends".  Factors impacting neck width is number and type of strings and your comfort needs with spacing.  Also the question about are you going to taper the neck or radius the fretboard? 


Basically, a three stringer with synthetic strings of some kind (trimmer line, PU cord, etc.) can easily be fitted to a stock 1X2 board from a home services (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.).   If you are thinking 4 steel strings, then you will need to beef up the neck (possibly wider or thicker or a truss rod). 


I love CBBGs.  They are a ton of fun can fit in well in bands.  I played on in my church praise band for over 2 years... musically it performed quite well.  Let us know how you come out....


the best,


Wichita Sam


I built a fourstring fretless bass  And I just copied the neck width of a shop bought guitar but I shaped it out of a solid peice of teak


Looks great!

Arnold Kelly said:

Unless I used a pre-made bass neck. ;)


I remember seeing something about RUBBER strings? Anyone heard of those?


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