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Seems there`s more than just a fiddle we can bow. Bones proved that at the gathering! So I`m going to throw this in too...If anyone has any input on this , please put in on. I have 2 bows myself a bass boww and a cheapy fiddle bow. The bass bow seems to work better , not sure if it`s the weight or the wide hair. But I have found if you rosin it up good it works great. Anyway lets throw some pic`s in here of bow related builds. Bones is gettin into cello types and sand got on in the works too. So lets come up with a few more ideas on a instrument to bow. Plus throw some vid`s on of your experiments. Thanks....Randy

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Bones and myself at the Gathering doing our bow jam...It was awesome!!
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How about plans for making your own bow?
Here is a video of my "bucket oar bass" being played with a fiddle bow... the visual is a bit dark, but the sound came thru just fine..  We've played this bass with a rock group already... I mostly use it around my dulcimer playing..


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