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I pretty much butchered the nut but otherwise it was all smooth sailing. Thanks so much for all the help and comments. Seems the intonation is pretty good but the low E may need tweaking. There are several things I still have plans to do but the most exciting thing is having a BASS to practice with!!!! YES

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Hi ,

I'm Bruce from Sandstone Point ( Near Bribie Island), Queensland Australia

Lovely Black  Bad Bass.Bruce

We have had a project on the go for some time now, sill have to sort out the saddle and pick ups

What strings and tuners did you use, do you have a under the bridge prietzo pick up , and where did you get your Bridge and saddle from.

The biggest problem I've had is the bridge an saddle and pick ups.

Any advise would be appreciated


Everything came on the cheap guitar I used as a donor. I drilled holes through the saddle for the fatter strings - Aquila Thundergut. I eventually want to change the tuners to bass tuners but for now I just drilled out the existing ones. That was pretty much it. I haven't installed a pickup yet. I'm looking at one of Ted Crockett's models. I'd need an amp to go with it. I'm looking at a mini amp http://craggymtnmusic.com/mdaccess.php. If it doesn't handle bass I can still use it for my dulcimer.

I found some direction on the Indestructible web site


That came out really nice.  The white strings contrasting the black body works really well.  Congrats!!!

Thanks. The contrast wasn't planned. I had no idea the strings would be white. It's growing on me though.

Let me know how your project works out.

Looks great! How does it play?

I read that the Thundergut strings come a little sticky. Wasn't sure what that meant until I tried to play it. Yep, sticky as in sticky fingers. Must be something to wipe them down with. Other than that, the E string is a little high. Probably has something to do with the way I butchered the nut. Still, all in all, it's fun to play and I'm glad I did it. I will make improvements as I go along.


My friend Stu, tried our UBASS players  Bass at BUMS ( Brisbane Ukulele Masters) last week , Cath has White strings on her Bass, he thought they were very sticky and the sound was,t clear. My UBASS has the Black Thundergut strings as originally fitted by Kala and they are great, Its only 6 months old and has had very little use. The Fibreglass Basses we are making will have  PAHOEHOE  DREADS , from Road Tode Music, they are Red, Green, Yellow and Black, we wanted to give the basses a bit of Bling. I hope they work out ok. Shouldnt be to far away before they are finished, I will put them up when completed


Real nice build Lil.  You may be able to wipe the strings with talcum powder, like on an Ashbory Bass.

Let me know when you need a pickup :)

Bruce, I'm so deliriously happy just to have a bass to play I'll put up with anything, even strings that pop out of the nut. Eventually, I will be more discriminating.

Can't wait to see what you're working on.

Ha. Didn't know that about talc powder. Wonder if cornstarch would work. Actually, the strings are getting better with playing.

I will get a pickup as soon as I get another chec$ and something to plug it into. I put a bid on a mini amp on ebay. Prolly won't get it but worth a shot.

I've been pretty pleased tonight with the volume as is. Certainly good enough to practice with. My finger are already sore!!!!

Ted Crocker said:

Real nice build Lil.  You may be able to wipe the strings with talcum powder, like on an Ashbory Bass.

Let me know when you need a pickup :)

I built one using the same strings a couple of months ago and though I don't play it often I have noticed the strings don't seem as sticky the more you play it. Maybe just the oil from my fingers?

What a great idea  talc Powder


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