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After playing my old 1 stringer homemade standup bass at the gathering and seeing how cool it was to run a piezo clip on mic on it. I`m going to build a solid body-electric standup bass. 3 or 4 stringer should work, not sure on the design yet but as simple as I can get it. There`s alot of options on a pickup for this build, piezo elements in the bridge / piezo strip elements under the bridge feet / custom pup / internal mic / and probably some more. As for the fretboard shouldn`t be to hard to make on with some kind of radius using my benchtop beltsander or just a flat profiled one being this is a " homemade bass". There`s a link on the front page showing some awesome standup basses that should get the creative juices flowing on idaes of your own homemade standup bass. If anyone has any info or input on these instruments , please post them in the discussions. Lets get " slap happy "......lol.

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After checking out alot of solid body basses, I`ve seen alot of bridges sitting on a piece of piezo strip to act as the pickup. Seems simple enough. But I`m wondering if I make my own bass bridge and laminate 2 -41mm piezo`s to it, would it get better sound then the strip under the bridge feet. Also what if you used a piece pvc pipe as the fingerboard [ cut to shape]. There has to be a way if building these instruments the true homemade way and still look good, play good and sound good.


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