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Dual piezos in the bells on either side of the bridge (the end of an old U-type fluorescent tube).  Flat p'up in front of the bridge.  Blend/balance pot brings them together.  The small copper tubing carries the ground for the circuitry - making sure the strings are grounded.

Walnut neck, maple fretboard, lots of stuff I had in the bottoms of tool boxes.

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Wow I want that awesome job.

Thats rad, mad and bad! Youve outdone agian. A work of art.

(Fingerpickin only though, I might be afraid to strum into a gear or two...)

Maniacal music, mechanical sights

Circus of the mad, this blues device!

That is just too friggen cool........

Perfect choice for the Upmann box. I love the look. What's it sound like with the bells capturing the vibe? Jingly jangly? Can you fit an alarm clock circuit into it so it gets double-purposed?

It sounds pretty nice - metallic, but not jangly.  The two piezos inside the bells are embedded in a little epoxy to calm them down a little, and the blend pot lets you fade them out in favor of the single coil if you want/need.

I thought about trying to use the big spring of the alarm clock as a reverb driver, but decided against it (I'm lazy).  As it is, the alarm clock still works, but you'd have to spend a bit of effort to open the box to wind it up.

I really should add a small LED alarm clock display to it somewhere, tho....


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