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I had the idea a while back that I could build one of my ghettoshorty guitars with a metal top and back. I always wanted a metal body guitar and remembered that the 90's hardcore band Tar used to play basically danelectros that had metal tops and backs, so I set out to build my own. First stop was to Old Lowe to get one of his cones and and to source some waterjet cut aluminum parts based on my ghettoshorty modular body. 

The Ghettoshorty platform is designed to be used for a multitude of instrument types for 15" - 19 scale lengths. I had decide that the first one was going to be a gift for OLD Lowe and at the time he was into short scale dulcimers. I settled on 17" scale, dulcimer fretted six string, with the strings separated into  3 courses of unison pairs.

The neck and fretboard are both maple. The body is pine, and the balance is aluminum.

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Love it! I'm part way through something similar, obviously great minds think alike!


Love it, great job

Wonderful artistry and workmanship! Love it!

Wicked good! Love it, HW.


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