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Greetings and salutations to all  members of the handmade Music Clubhouse!   I've been admiring all the quality, creative projects on this site for about three years now but just haven't jumped in until now.  When I noticed the Metal builders challenge, I knew right away that I'd have to finish this little project I started about a year ago.  She's made from tin I took off an old water heater jacket.  The body has designs hammered into it to provide strength and rigidity and also to avoid "oil-canning effect. There's a brass rod surrounding the sound holes.  The resonator is made from an old aluminum pie plate I bought at a good will store.  It's been heavily modified with hammer and drill!  I made the "frets" from guitar strings and the fret markers are nickels that I cut up and inlaid.  The neck is oak with an oak finger board.  On the back side there's a half-round piece of some kind of Brazilian hardwood to add a little more rigidity for the bolt on neck.  The extra long headstock has a stylized "S" carved inside a plectrum shape.  The tuning buttons are asymmetrical and made from oak and maple.  Inside there are two pieces of oak with a one inch dowel between to hold everything together.  Check out the sound test video to hear how she sounds.  Thanks for lookin'!    Dirty Betty sound testMetal Challenge - Dirty Betty

Metal Challenge - Dirty Betty

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Thanks a bunch Rick!   Thanks so much for looking and even more for commenting!  ;-}}

This is insane JP, awesome instrument!

I'll take that as  a compliment!  It means a lot to me, coming from you.  I've been admiring your creations for several years now. 

Needless to say, I got verrrry excited when I first saw you advertising your "Metal Challenge" a couple months ago.  I had started this nasty girl last summer and she got set aside for some other projects.  This contest was just the kick I needed to finish her up.  I hope she's a contender!   Seems like she fits the "Metal" part anyway!   ;-}}  

Many thanks for hosting this fine website and for the challenge too.


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