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The "Fast Back" built by Brent Shull. She has a white pearlescent and light metallic flake painted red oak neck (old scrap hard wood flooring), The body is made up of 2 cigar boxes (Cohiba and Macanudo) and painted a beautiful deep heavy metallic blue which shifts colors depending on the light. A birdseye maple fret board (eventually it will get frets and mother of pearl fret dots), a straight grain maple bridge/pickup (im making a new bridge out of birdseye maple and it will be a slightly different shape, more angular to go with the rest of the theme of the CBG). The white, what im calling the "butt stock" (where the strings are attached) is made out of .063" aluminum which I cut on a CNC router table at work and was broken (bent) around the body of the guitar to not only hold the strings but to also attach the body to the neck of the guitar with 3 bolts and washers. The bolts go through the body and into the neck which has 3 corresponding Rivet Nuts to screw into. This makes the neck completely removable and uses no glue. There is one volume pot and the input jack is on the same side as the knob, right next to where the neck enters the body. I started this project years ago and life kinda got in the way so it was put to the side as well as everything else I had been working on. I drew the design on the back of an old receipt (check out my page to see the drawing!) and this is how she turned out! Its not too much different from what I first sketched out. Im one of those people who are never satisfied so theres a few things that still need to be done (frets, new bridge/pickup and some small accent detail oriented things). But all in all I think shes a beauty. Thanks for checking out my Summer Buiders Challenge - "Metal" entry.


**Link to my Homemade Music Clubhouse page: http://handmademusicclubhouse.com/profile/BrentShull335

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Mighty pretty. No glue, huh? Wow!



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