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I had planned on a new build for this challenge and have just flat run out of time in my schedule to even get started on it, so... I'll submit my first build, a 9 1/2" cookie tin three string that got me started in all of this fun back in March of 2012. The cookie tin was being thrown away by my wife's cousin, the oak neck was a piece of scrap from some kitchen cabinets as was the oak I used for the hand rest on the can. The only parts purchased were the three in a row tuners and the strings that I bought from CB Gitty and the rest was built from junk that I had in the garage. Pure acoustic with a banjo kind of twang and enough fun that I'm still building CBGs two and a half years later. Working on # 20 and #21 right now and have a dozen or so boxes and some other surprises still waiting to be built. Seems like every time I finish a build a friend will say "hey, I have some cigar boxes you can have to build with" and it seems like for every one I build I have gotten two or three more boxes.

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Hi Tom---

Maybe you can answer this? What kind of file did you upload so it shows in the blog? The .jpg's dont show up, just as a list.

Really nice work by the way.



Hi Dan, Just uploaded jpg's from my computer. Don't know what is preventing your viewing as I see the pictures.

That is awesome Tom, great build, especially a first!

Daniel, maybe you clicked the button to Attach Files, that will just list a link to the photo.  To post them in a window here, you click the little icon for a photo, this one:


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