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Wow..That is awesome cool Martin.  Great job..

Cool jig too.

Great idea Martin

Very Nice!...Beautiful job Martin....Can you tell more about your jig that hold your guitar?

Thanks, I found it on Youtube  from a very generous luither who shared  , here is the linkhttp://youtu.be/JCqzzDES5E4 Good luck, Martin.

Thanks Martin....



I think you deserve the first price

Merci beaucoup!

nice thinking martin,and great build

Wow! that is stunning looking, any chance of hearing it, please.?

I'm still on the bottom rung of the playing ladder, & not yet up loaded any vids. At the risk of total embarrassment I will try to make a short vid for a sound check,please be patent! thanks for the feed back. 



Here at last are the clips, dont expect too much!


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