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I first got interested in gourd instruments after an African music  demonstration at an International Folk Festival. Since then, we've followed every possible lead to keep affordable gourds on the workshop shelves.


My latest score was for more than 5 dozen at less than a dollar apiece. From medium sized bottles and martin house gourds, right on up to bushel basket size  - less than a buck each! I could barely fit 'em into my wife's van, but am I glad I tried!

My supply should hold through the winter, and my new crop will go in the ground in just a few weeks. From violins and drums, to banjos, shekeres, and kalimbas - gourds are a blast!


Besides instruments, they make a great canvas for carving, pyrography, dyes, paints and more. 


Here's a picture of a few of the smaller instruments I've crafted:




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Can we see the larger instruments too??


HAA  Great work Dan

very nice work- nice photography to boot!


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