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My name is Tug Wilsson and I live in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England. I am a newby to the CBG world and know I have a lot to learn about building and, even though I have been playing 'store-bought' six string guitars and basses since I was fifteen years old, playing all the styles of slide, finger-picking etc.

I was given a book called Cigar Box Guitars by David Sutton and most of the parts to build a CBG as a Christmas present from my son and have built my first 'Three-Stringer' tuned to D-A-d. I enjoyed the build process so much that I built a CB Uke immediately after. My third build is already in the planning stages but I haven't decided on the fretboard / neck timber combinations yet, any ideas???

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 Just use what yer got! happy buildin.

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