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Hi, I'm Dave and Ted shot me a message today wishing me a happy birthday (a biggie at 60!). He sent me a picture of a delicious cake with a guitar motif on it (having the guitar design on it is like "having my cake and eating it too", pretty awesome feeling his message and picture gave to me!). Well, lil would anyone know, but Teds message lubed my brain and now I know what I want build first. I want build a 5-string banjo n keep it in Open G. It may take literally years for me to build (I am still so so busy at 60 w/ a FT day job and a side business!), but I will begin immediately getting ideas and found parts that will make up my design and eventual build. Thanks and very nice to meet y'all community members, this is a fantastic community n I'm very glad to be a part of it. Dave, owner Guitar Gear Garage

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Best thing you can do Dave is to give the job & get building what you fancy, far more rewarding!

A pleasure to meet you Martin, That sounds about right to me that's for sure. I'll do my best to get there ...n quickest route be preferred that's fo sure ---I like how ya' think ---I'm with you ---today 1st day of rest of my life ~~~as was posted on the poster ...we know the one from our younger daze... Peace, Dave


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