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Hello, My name is Vadim Ganzha,

I DIY my electronic music devices and recording maschines since 1976, I am from USSR and former DJ from 80th.

I have greal love to synth so I had build a complete studio with Down sequencer, Proggramming rithm composer with 8 analogs drums and two analogs synth one is standart moogs like the second is mz own constractions FM analog synth, I do 3 tape recorders with 1 inch tape I used  channel tape heasds from IBM strimmer.
I do some my own music in mz home studios in USSR during period from 1983 up to 1992
The first manager of Pink Floyd Mr Pitter Janner havd visited my studio in 1989. I have a lot of non published music from 80th untill now.

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Very cool Vadim, I love old synth, especially DIY!

Thank You very much!!!! Now I am living in Germany and complete rebuild most of my old studio equipment and still keep my old FM synth from 80th!

Here is video of my Home studio from 8th


I do some performances in cinemas like this

Moduar synth


But making some researching in inventing a new sound synths like here

Tesla based sound synth


Making mixing for radio shows

Слезы немцев

radio streaming


Making short 3D animation music video


or mixed media on line playing


yours thruly

Vadim Ehrlich aka Ganzha

WOW Vadim, some awesome gear.  TESLA!!!  Very cool!

Thanks! I do one Tesla interactive audio visual project when i would use up to 8 Tesla Cones  to produce performans and looking for venue

Great stuff!  Those two color pics above look like stills from an old 1" video tape machine.  


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