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Hi everybody, my name is Don Craig, just joined up yesterday.  I live in Saranac NY, in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, near Lake Champlain and the Canadian Border, just west of Plattsburgh.

I built my first 3-string box guitar last July, 2017, out of curiousity.  I have owned and tortured four six-string guitars over the last 50 years, with litlle hope of ever learning how to play.  The 3-string seemed possible and it is.  The neck warped and developed a high action and I've learned to  use a bottle neck slide and I love it since I'm leaning to delta and hill country blues.

I built a second one for a friend and then a third for his girlfriend.  The necks did not warp.  I've also rebuilt a beat-up Harmony flat-top. built a didley bow, and two 2-string strum sticks.  Pictures are posted on my home page.

I fitted all of them with piezo pickups.  Lately I mounted a magnetic WickedBucker pickup on my first 3-stringer which is my daily beater and experimental prototype.  I'm starting to built #8 which will be a 3-string cigar box, nice cedar wood.  I'm putting a P-90 soapbar pickup in that, a first installation of that type for me.

I built my first stringed instrument back in the 70's, when I was first getting seriously interested in woodworking.  I'd found a book in the library about how to build an Appalachian mountain dulcimer, or lap dulcimer.  I said Why Not?  It was a successful build, my grand-daughter has it now, waiting for her to get interested in playing.

I've also made a goatskin drum out of a wooden nail keg, and a Native-American style flute out of red Staghorn sumac. I can't play the flute but it looks cool and my friend can play it.

I also play a bodhran drum and harmonica.  I put an ad on Craigslist looking for like-minded folky blues players but there don't seem to be many around here.

Thanks for reading all this, here's a picture of Loper and my last build.

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Great stuff Don, sounds like you are hooked!

Ah, yes , Saranac, NY. A beautiful place.  I miss my home in New Windsor, NY in the Catskills. Good to have you in the group. 


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