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My name is Michael.

A couple years ago, I built my first Cigar box guitar. 3 string fretless slider.

My son in Kansas now has possession of it.

Recently I decided to start building more, so I built the LPG on my profile pic. it has a Piezo under the bridge, oak neck, and copper frets. (Ill never do that again). it plays, got good resonance, and currently the only one I have.

Just yesterday started on 2 more. A 4 string on a comacho box, and another 3 string.

Have built 1 stomp box, and looking to build some amps to go along with the 2 that I'm building.

Looking forward to seeing all the tricks and tips from the group.


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Be careful Michael, lots of groups and forum posts here and left hand turns and you can get lost for weeks - all fun and informative!!

Just ask if you have any questions.

Hey ted,

I sent you an e-mail.

 I did not receive an email.  Ted@TedCrocker.com


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