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My dad and I are luthiers, he's been building for 15 years and I've been at it for a few. We specialize in acoustic guitars though we've done ukuleles, resonators, tiny guitars, classical crossovers and acoustic electric hybrids. We build with a variety of new and old methods.

I've mainly built the acoustic electric guitars. It was frustrating but a fun and rewarding thing to do. I'm still learning as much as I can. I do what I can to record the knowledge that my dad has and to pass it on. He's a mechanical engineer who worked in industry for many years. 

Some of our features are that we use an adjustable neck and we have a split saddle bridge for perfect intonation that is very effective and modern. I have lots of informational articles, videos and pictures available on my website: Portland Guitar

Here are some pictures of what he's made. 

I hope to chat and read some good discussions here. Thanks! 

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Welcome Max, those are some great ol’ timey acoustics you have there!

Hi Max, those are great looking instruments!  Love those bridges.


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