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Hi everyone
Great to be a part of this community. I am a frustrated musician that never really learned how to play till I found the Native American Flute and found I could make music with this instrument. 


I was at a jam recently with a bunch of NAF players that I first saw and then heard a CBG. It was a 3 string frettless that the guy was playing on his lap. I was  more intrigued by the looks of the instrument and hung around till he started playing it. I fell in love with it instantly and knew I had to have one of my own.

 The quest has been over the last couple weeks to read, listen watch and most anything else about the CBG on the net. Wichita Sam told me about HMMC and the yahoo builders group and suggested I join .

I am getting a pre built CBG and will start making my own soon. What I like about it is it apparent simplicity in playing and yet the complexity you can take it through.

I see another potter is here in this group and probably will find a paraglider pilot too.

I am in Northern California and have found a few others in my area. I hope to get a jam going so we can all meetup, play CBG and what ever else shows up to make sound.

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Hi Mark, welcome to the nut house, errr, Clubhouse.  There's lots of info on building and playing here, check out the group CBG Playing for Dummies.  You'll be making something that sounds like music before the first video lesson is done.


W.T. Tarapchak, a member here, has a group similar to the Clubhouse called the Flute Circle Project that you may find interesting.


Pop into the chat room and say hi, there's usually some cool people hanging around.  If you need a hand with anything, just ask.



Thanks for the additional links, I am having fun here already

Hey Mark glad to have you on board. this is a great place to learn about instrument parts & builds.


Thanks Wyndham, glad to be here


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