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I'm a 32-year old Norwegian who has been building, and playing, CBG's and guitars from various other boxes for the last couple of years. 

I have been playing guitar since I was a kid, and when I saw a video of a CBG on Youtube some years ago I just had to try to build one! Since then I have built a few more, and I'm getting better at it. Or at least I think I do.

I also enjoy music in almost every form, fishing, I'm stuck in front of the TV to watch soccer and a lot of other sports and I spend far to much time with the Playstation...

I joined the Clubhouse to see what others are building an playing, gather inspiration and some new ideas, have someone to discuss builds with, have someone to ask for help when my builds don't turn out the way I intended, and last, but not least, have fun while I'm doing all of the above.


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Facebook page for my instruments. In Norwegian though, but pictures are pictures.

Hello & welcome.

Is that a Corgi in your avatar pic?


Thank you!

Not a Corgi, but an old and a bit fat Norwich Terrier.

Hello Vegard,

     I have never known a Norwegian, as you have probably not know a Texan.  You are the first.

     I have just started making CBG's as a hobby, and hope an income, someday, when perfected.  I can not find the only picture of my first CBG build, but I will send one when I find it.  I think I can figure out how to include pictures on this site.  I also think there is a picture on my Clubhouse page.  I also do not use Facebook, but I do use Yahoo Mail. onebrotherjohn@yahoo.com is my address.  I am trying to build a good neck, at present, that will go on my next build.  I am trying to build a good head on the neck, and I have two designs that I am working with, one angled and one not. Monday afternoon I plan on returning to my shop to try some more.  I am trying to learn to play also.  

Stay in touch,

John Bradshaw

Welcome Vegard, can't wait to see you first CBG with a Norwegian flare.


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