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Hi from Glasgow, Scotland, from mrjonthehat, a prop / set / costume / video maker who now repairs and makes musical instruments too. - I started with a metal whamola, and now have built drums, ocarinas, ukes, mandolins, tennis racquet banjos, basses, CBGs, a bouzouki, a dulcimer...and a Cigar box theremin, which seems to be popular here. Most of the instruments are used by my company, Mischief La-Bas, and have been taken all over Europe, and as far from Glasgow as Venezuela and China. - I have never sold anything I've made, or charged for repair work... (D-oh !!!)...I enjoy it ! Dennis Havlena's website and video clips have inspired me, and I like the weird stuff ! Compliments to the people on this site who are luthiers and real artists...I'm in awe of your skill and wish I had your patience.

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love the range of instruments - try a biscuit tin canjo. they are addictive and give surprisingly good tone. mike

I have been looking for a good tin to make a 'canjo' from. It seems a bit excessive to munch through a tin of biscuits, just to make an instrument though!...I also have a wooden toilet seat, and a Chinese wok  with a handle in my studio, which I think may end up 'banjoed' ! (Although in Glasgow, that word has another meaning ! haha !)

cadburys Roses tins or Heroes tins are both good to start with. loads around after xmas !!! they are made from the right thickness of metal. ...... and anyway it is a bloody good excuse to munch through a tin of whatever to get an instrument out of it !!! mike ( have a look at my page/pictures. ) cheers

Aww, Tony, those take the game to a whole new level !!! Awesome ! I would say that they were "crackers", or that those really "take the biscuit"...but I'm inspired now ! Thanks.

Had to say hello Glasgow.  I lived in Dunoon for several years in the 1980's.  Also got several kazoos in Glasgow.  I really enjoyed Scotland very, very much!  Especially the two weeks of summer. LOL


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