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Hi ,
My name is Keren and I love music . A few years ago I discovered I had a good ability of hearing and decided to do something with it. I Invited you to join and discover tones of improvisation of sounds on Latin genre and others ..

I am adding a link to  Xylophone -pic  that I built in my past and played with it




Right now I am working on a Drum box and hope to finish it soon 


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WOW Keren, very cool.  I really love your music, very relaxing and at the same time makes me want to get up and do something - hard to explain.  Thanks for posting.  Have any vids??

The xylophone link from Google Drive didn't work.  Looks like it was a link to your computer, not something online.  Try again please...  WE WANT TO SEE A XYLOPHONE build!!!  We want to see everything you can share!!

Thanks for posting!

Hi again,

 Thank you Ted !  I am glad to read that you and your good friend liked  it :-)

Sorry about the broken link . I'll make it open to the  public.. or / in case...see the attachment picture

[Type of xylophone , made from perfume bottles,  with some gravel or liquid you can get various of clear sounds]





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