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I've been working on stringed instruments for about 6 years now, usually trying things I will want to play or taking requests from friends.  Currently working on a semi acoustic/electric cello/bass hybrid, with plans to do an electric 6 string guitar for a friend next.  The carved mahogany top is pictured below...amazing what you can do with reclaimed flooring!  :-)

Looking forward to learning a lot...and already appreciate the wiring diagrams!


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Welcome to the clubhouse.  Beautiful work on the top.     Look forward to seeing and hearing the finished instrument.  You would also be surprised of what you can get from old wooden chairs.   I  picked up an old broken cruise ship teak deck chair at a yard sale for five bucks and got a couple dozen beautiful teak kazoos and a guiro out of it.   Outfitted a DAR Ladies Folk Orchestra with 14 of those kazoos.  Waste not want not :)  I am always keeping my eye out on trash day for old dinning room chairs being tossed out.  

watch for pallets too.  I missed a chance at one that was entirely blonde, figured mahogany!  Did get parts from one that were purple-heart...major score!


Welcome to the group,  a fantastic looking top!! Cant wait to see the finished build..

Hoping to get the top glued on tonight and get ready to start the back.  May go with a plain flat back...still healing from carving that top!  lol

With any luck, I'll have it piezo'd and playable in a a week.

Pallets can definitely be a great find.  I'm retired navy and years ago I use to get  mahogany pallets from Phillaphines (sp?) when when aircraft parts were returned to my base for repair.  A buddy used them to make some beautiful inlayed tables and chessboards.  All I have been able to find locally are poor grade pine or oak.  I use some of the oak for making resonator caps.  Be sure and post a vid or audio of  when you finish if you can.   I know everybody will love to see and hear that beauty.

nice wood

Basic build is done!  Still deciding on amplification method (piezo or mag) but sounds good now.  Even makes my non-fretless playing sound good!  Still need to rethink the tailpiece, using steel cable for now...works well and makes for an odd reverb effect.  :-)

First shot is the closed box...next is a quick camera phone shot of the whole thing.  Better images soon!

Nice build, what tuning are you using?

Thanks...using standard electric bass strings at the moment so a generic E tuning.

Beautiful work Matthew.   Look forward to hearing it.


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