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Hello, the name's John and I just recently became addicted to the art of crafting cigar box guitars. I've played guitar on and off since 93 but just really got back into it a few months ago. I stumbled across a CBG video and instantly loved the idea. I love guitar and I love building/customizing things so it seemed like a natural thing to get into. I'm still finishing up my first attempt (3 necks later) but I've learned alot already on the first go around. Hope to learn some more while I'm here checking out everybody else's awesome creations.

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John, welcome to the Clubhouse...


Welcome, I'm hopelessly hooked now too!!

Hey John, til 20011 I lived in Glassboro - now in Tallahassee. There's lots of groups to check out here on how to build and how to play.  Check out CBG Playing for Dummies to get some awesome tips how to play these beasts.  Knotlenny first and then LJs vids.

If you need a hand, pop into the chat room for instant answers.

Oh, welcome to your new addiction...

Hello John !

Welcome to the group, John!  Home made music is great


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