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Hi,   I built a second cbg and fretted it.  Well the frets didn't seat in properly and so I decided to go fretless.  So I easily took the frets out, filled the slots, resanded the fret board.  But I still seem to have a problem.  I used wfret for a printable fret calculator thingy.    This is tuned E B E   Now here is the problem.  When you put your finger down on where the first fret should be it is F# . It should be F,   I can barely get the next note if I get my finger as close to the nut as possible.  On all three strings I can't get the next 1/2 step up.   What would cause this?  I checked my store bought guitars and they all go up 1/2 step at a time.  I have moved the bridge all kinds of ways and I cannot get that 1/2 step to come in.  I thought going fretless would solve my problems.  Any advice would be helpful!


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P.J, How tall is the string height from the fretboard? If the nut /string height is too high from the top of the fretboard it will definitely cause you to go sharp. Remember, you removed the height of the fret too so unless you dropped the string height that could cause you to go sharp. A half step seems like kind of a lot to go sharp but I can't think of any other reason. How do the rest of the notes play out as you move closer to the bridge? Do you go to F# on both E strings? That's about all I can think of unless the fret is just in the wring place.


Something that might help you get pointed in the right direction, take your slide ( if you dont use a slide, use a screwdriver) and gently without bending the string, pluck a string and see were the notes are located. That will take string stretching out of the equation, and might help you figure out what is going on.

Hi guys.  I did some checking.   I used a slide and the fret marks seem to be pretty close.  When I push down they are sharp.  And no I did not lower the nut height  or string height.  I will try putting a smaller bolt in.  The strings are about 3-4 mm high at the nut. The bottom of string 3 and the top about 4 mm.  And at the 12 fret they are not as sharp but still a little sharp.    Thanks  this is so confusing.


3-4 mm seems really high. I would definitely try to rework the nut and get it down.

I put a smaller bolt in and it has helped a lot.  I think I need to lower it just a tad more.  Thanks

If you're going to play this CBG using a slide, maybe you can leave things as is and just adjust the spacing using side markers at 3,5,7,9, 12, etc.  Many slide players like the strings a tad high, if they're not going to "finger" notes....


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