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Hello People,

A post from a new guy on the Block.

Started just after xmas last year my very first build of an 3 string guitar.

It was my plan to make a wood-top guitar, but evolved rapidly towards something with an resonator included.

I stuck with the neck trough idea and lumbered on.

The box is ceder of some sort, a xmas gift containing beer and a glass.

The beer did not live long but the box wil do nicely, thank you my friendly supplier.

The neck is made of a piece of hardwood, a real pig to shape. Its beech i think.

My brother donated a electric guitar, tore it to pieces to use some parts. 

It also serves as an template, scalelenght and all.

I reinforced the soundbox, and cut an top for it.

After chopping up the waterkettle an resonator was born.

The top turned out fitting but not beautifull so paint job is in order. 

Firetruck red is very red, now i am looking at a burning red top and wondering what to do next with it.

Nevermind, humbuckers mke a good noise so it was added to the top.

You cannot make noise enough is a good motto, n' est ce pas?

This weekend ill try and upload some more pictures so you can see the project.

By for now, keep resonators alive!



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Someone told me not long ago that the top of the soundbox looks just like a front of an speakercabinet.

Well, he is right! Thats exactly wat it is.

Once the front and strings in place it will make sound if you strum the strings, just like a speaker.

Keep the resonators alive, Grtz to ya all.

Posting a picture so you can see where i am right now.

Its is most of the parts for my guitar, 2 pieces are missing on this picture.

Made a pickgard and still have to do the topnut.

Keep resonators alive!!

Grtz, to ya all



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