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After building a number of three and four string CBGs, I decided to take on a big challenge and design and build a six-string resonator.

After a lot drawing, planning and woodwork, I have a nice 000 sized resonator. it is a 25" scale with a Beard cone and a 27 mm piezo. I tweaked the truss rod and action height to make it easy to play and it now get daily play.

Not sure when I'll bite off this much again, but for not, I love it.

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Holy mackerel, is that ever terrific!!! Would you add pictures of the back, side and peghead please?


I'm out of town currently, but will post some the photos you asked for when I get home.


Tom T

Incredible work Tom!

Thanks Ted. It was a very challenging and fun build. The payoff is that it is a really good sounding guitar. I installed a 27 mm piezo with a strap connector audio jack. With the Beard resonator cone and the piezo it puts out some serious sound. I'll try to get the requested photos today.

Thanks for checking it out.

Here are some of the photos LapSteel has asked for.

This is the headstock. I went for sealed tuners and put my logo decal on the top.

This is the back side you requested. It is made from two pieces of mahogany that I cut and planed down to about 4 mm thickness.

Bending the sides was the biggest challenge in the whole project. I planed the mahogany to about 2.5 mm then soaked it in water overnight before steaming it in a 4" PVC pipe for about 25 minutes. It bent cleanly, but was definitely not a noodle. Took some pressure to get it into shape.

Shaping the heel is one of those "artsy" things that you just have to do by eye. I didn't want it too slender nor too fat.

The bridge cover is actually a piece of 1/2" copper pipe from HD. I slit it length-ways then flattened it. Once annealed, it shapes very easily. I like that it is taking on patina and should look good as it darkens.

Let me know if there are other photos you would want to see. I have a lot of build-process photos I took along the way.

Those are terrific photos! You get bragging rights for at least the next year!

Thanks LapSteel. I was just playing it (open G with slide) and it is a fun guitar.


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