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Morning folks,I am building a reso ukulele,not with a cigar box but with a craft box off e bay.I have been told the box will need beefing up, it will have a bolt on neck.what thickness should the back top and sides be and would you recermend any other strentherning.I shall be using a 6" resonator cone and cover plate from rebublic guitars, does  any of you guys know how deep they are so I can work out the deapth of the sound well please. Mal (UK)

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this is how i would do the bolt on neck for a reso mal

Bolt On Neck For Reso

just make sure the cone dosn't touch the bottom of the box. good luck with the uke


I have ac tuall fiddled a little.I ham having a ukulele neck made by a uk luther.My problem is i can't do the neck carving as I have emphercimer quite bad.Did you use any extra strenthning in the box.By the way you have made a great job of it Mal
The reso uke now funished sounds great aspecially ampted up Malhttp://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee275/mal21bucket/100_1135.jpghttp://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee275/mal21bucket/100_1138.jpg
Pictures not posted properly sorry.There youy gvo Mal

i really like John Lee Hooker on the back . Great job


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