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Here ya go, let me know if I missed anything.  Have questions?  Just ask!

CB Gitty Crafter Supplies:  Fretting supplies and fretting guide  

Most every part you need to build a CBG


Harbor Freight
Flush Cut Saw $8.99, great for fret slots

MusicMakers Fret Chart.  An indespensible tool which shows fret location for practically every scale length.  Many Clubhouse members swear by it.

JeFretCalc iPhone Fretting Calculator by Jef, the Phrygian Kid.  Link to iTunes store.

Fret Calculators

Fret cutting with a scroll saw

Cigar Box Guitar Basic Fretting

Easy Fretting for CBG


Fret Slot Cutting Jig 2

Fret Groove Cutting Jig for CBGs


Fret Calculation and Fret Markers


Nail Fret Installation


Fret Slotting with a Bandsaw
Thin Kerf Bandsaw Blades


Fret filing/Brian Parks

Nut and Bridge Slotting Tools

Printable Fretboard Radius Gauge

String Gauge Calculator





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The fret wire looks to have long tang on it, what is the size and name where can one purchased such wire?  I have been trying to use med/med but the tangs are so short frets do not stay in slot.  Please advise, Thanks Sonny


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