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Up till now, I've just been using screws, but I notice on the tiny guitars build I own -- Old Wormy -- that the nut is a thin piece of metal, like a very small metal dowel. I want to copy this because this guitar has great sound and action. On my own builds, it is difficult to press down on the first frets because the action is a little high; not so bad with higher frets. But Wormy is just perfect.
Where can I find or fashion these small pieces of metal to use as nuts? Or does anyone have any other ideas better than using screws?
Thanks for any help. Sincerely.

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If you've ever replaced a door, the hingepins can be used as a nut, and they are common yard sale items, usually in sets of 2 for about a buck. Just cut them to length with a dremel cutoff wheel or hacksaw, and groove out the neck to the depth which makes your action the height you want it.
Great info! Thanks guys.
corian works well and easy to slot, but i like the the tone from bone the best. I believe small bodies such as cigar boxes have a thin sound and using metal for the nut or bridge only enhances that thin sound. And absorbs the string vibrations.


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