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Here's a quick demo for waterslide decals which are a great way to get a logo or something on your build.

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Hi Brian

I have used decals before but never the waterslide method. Looks really cool and only limited by your computers' abilities. I make them out of regular copy paper, printed, trimmed, and cleared both sides with spray lacquer. Once dry, spray some adhesive on the back, place on guitar and clear over the whole thing. Worked really well, but I like the waterslide even better.

Thanks for posting


You can also order white waterslide decals which would not be transparent but would allow white to be used in your design.  The packaging says you can use pen/ink or stuff like that on the paper as well instead of printing it in the computer.

After the decal is installed and dried, do you spray more krylon on top to seal it?

Good Video... Thanks

Hey Brian

Just tried my first Waterslide Decal logo on a CBG and it works simply and beautifully. Thanks for taking the time to educate us all.




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