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I posted some simple 1 string songs on my personal blog at Cigar Box Nation. I did them originally for diatonically fretted instruments like the stick dulcimer (strum stick) and mountain dulcimer. But then I re-did most of them for chromatically fretted instruments. Here are the two links:

1.) Collection of tunes for my 3-String Diatonically Fretted Cigar Box ...
2.) Song Tabs for Chromatically Fretted Instruments

NOTE: The Ning software filters out spaces, so the play-by-numbers list of numbers won't be positioned over the word or syllable correctly. The best way to fix this is to copy the play-by-numbers fret numbers and lyrics over to Notepad (or other text editor) and re-enter spaces, moving the numbers over until each word or syllable has one fret number over it. Then save this for a local copy of the song. A bit of work, but if you like the song, it's an easy way to go.


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