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New Zealand artist Lisa Black  modifies broken taxidermy animals with mechanical parts such as antique hardware or old clock parts. After finding a damaged, stuffed fawn at a garage sale, she was so inspired that she decided she felt she had to “fix” it by adding mechanical limbs, organs, and other crucial pieces. Some of her work, like the crocodile seen below, even includes working gears in place of the heart.

Despite what one might think, Lisa’s work is driven by a desire to celebrate the beauty of animals. She is a highly passionate person with a deep respect for the animal kingdom. Her work is also somewhat influenced by the trans-humanist movement, a belief that is helping humanity embrace the use of technology on an intimate level.

From Dyscario Magazine

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Ted, this is repulsive to me....I don't think any of these are "cool"; instead, they make me think of cruelty .... kinda goes against the spirit of making art, in my opinion. Joni
Not to be a jerk, but the thing I like about these is the fact that something which I think as bad has been reclaimed and made into something interesting. No where does it say the artist killed and stuffed these animals.
Yes, I'm aware of all of that & each to his own.....but still, these creations creek me out.
what does creek me out mean?


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