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Well, after I built a 3 stringer piepan reso that I added 2 door springs from a dishwasher for reverb that sounded great I'm going to try using a small spring reverb tank that has a piezo mounted onto the tank to emulate reverb. The tank will be suspended mid-air in the body of the guitar secured by other springs or ?. I plan to have another piezo mounted to the body and have a 3-way micro switch for different sound possibilities. What do you guys think? Anyone else tried this before or thought of it?

Here's how the reso sounded with the dishwasher door springs...


If you have tried it, please submit a clip or pics of what you came up with and I'll do the same in this thread. THANKS!

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Clip sounds good.  I like the idea, a few folks have used springs inside.  I think Cajun drilled a hole in a piezo and ran the spring through it.  Let us now how it turns out.

Good Idea!!

What a great idea, and it sounds great.  I know the post was from a time ago, but did you do much more with the idea. Like various spring sizes and tensions.  Just blown away with this and wanting to go and experiment.


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